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Created in 1966 in FONTENAY LE COMTE (France), the CHABOT company's aim was to build propeller pumps for agriculture draining and irrigation.

Since then, the pumps have changed and are used in pisciculture, ostreiculture, industries and public works as well.
Even if the environment is different for each project, the modular design of the Chabot propeller pumps will fit with your need.

There are three different pumps, with flow ranges going from 80 to 7500 m3 per hour, and a discharge head that can go up to 6 meters.
The Chabot propeller pumps can be used in fresh waters as well as in high salinity waters and can be drived by electric motor, hydraulic motor or heat engine (diesel or gas).

Our pumps offer :
- high security with very strong components
- high performance with a high hudraulic output
- low costs with low electricty needs
- easy integration with modular design and discharge head goint up to 6 meters

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   Chabot propeller pumps

A wide application field :

  • Any industrial transfer
  • Agriculture draining and irrigation
  • Flooding and recycling in pisciculture, ostreiculture and sheel-fish breeding
  • Water draining in public works

    from 80 to 7500 m³ / hour !

    Chabot propeller pump

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